Tuesday, January 17, 2012

HTC Radar Review

I've had HTC radar now for 10 days... here are my thoughts:

My previous smartphone experience is with all versions of the iPhone (we've had them all). I got this radar phone on a new T-mobile plan.

Pros for the HTC:
- The phone is a good size and weight.
- Windows Phone 7 operating system is a pleasant surprise. Works well and is speedy on this phone. Simple to figure out.
- It doesn't come preloaded with a too much junk. There are a few T-mobile and HTC apps, but easy to remove them.

Cons for HTC:
- Rear (?) speaker is not very loud.
- Hard to hear when talking on phone.
- Somehow I got some tiny scratches on on screen in the first week. Never did that to iPhone.
- No digital compass (although it does have GPS receiver). So some GPS apps are not happy. I suspect this is a bummer for virtual reality apps, too.

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Jorge Monasterio said...

Another annoying "volume" bug I have found after severl months of usage.

If you turn down the ringer volume (so ringer is off and you just have vibrate), then you can't hear VOICE MAIL. You have to have RINGER volume up to hear voicemail.