Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sequence Diagrams: Text is better.

I often like to make UML sequence diagrams. Graphical UML editors are a pain in the butt -- too much mousing around.

I'd rather edit a text file, since I can type really fast. And, then I can source control my text files.

And I found just a tool to do it: Quick Sequence Diagram Editor

This is a nice tool. You edit text in one pane, and it dynamically creates the sequence diagram in the other. Or (although I haven't tried it), you can create the diagrams from command line using text file input.

Great stuff.

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Chris Bilson said...

I know it's been a while since this post, but I just wanted to share a nice tool I discovered a few months ago after some hair loss related to making nice UML diagrams: PlantUML[1]. I actually had it working on windows, in org-mode (emacs), producing EMF (a vector graphics file format that looks nice in windows), and embedding them in ODF files (some open source word-like document format) with a bunch other documentation and source code snippets that I had in the org-documents. It was pretty crazy, but only took me about an hour of fussing around to get working, and once it was, it was nice.

Of course, you can use PlantUML to generate plain old sequence diagrams without all the frankenstein nonsense mentioned above. Just check out the Plant UML website.

Hope this is useful.