Tuesday, December 17, 2013

VT-60 Wine Cooler not cooling.

VT-60 Wine cooler not cooling.

Symptoms: Don't hear compressor. Hear a relay click every few minutes.

1. Unplug!
2. Take off back
3. On the left side, is the compressor.
4. On the left of compressor, remove plastic housing.
5. Overload protector is on top (under where housing was) with wires going to it. You should be able to pull the overload protector out (to the left). It has some guide pins, so don't pull up.
6. Open the overload protector. There is a brown disk inside that you may be able to flip over (if it looks scarred). Like this (see last few pictures on this site):


7. If that doesn't look damaged, try replacing the relay (although, you might not be hearing it click if it is damaged).

8. Reverse steps 4...1

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